Brian Bacher

Brian Bacher has over twenty years’ experience owning and operating multiple businesses at the same time under a corporate canopy, all within the food industry. He brings a deep understanding of daily operations, growth strategies, formula development, administration and coordination of wholesale production schedules with a 50 employee company. Brian has turned around several ailing companies over the years creating compounding sales and profitability.

He was able to do this through the strong development and implementation of business strategies. These strategies involve sales and customer service, operational plans, inventory and waste controls, internal feedback loops, profit and loss optimization, financial metrics and the capitalization of core competencies.

Brian’s leadership was honed by fire and tempered with sports. A soccer coach from intro courses to high school and competitive teams, course correction, guidance and demand were forged. As a fencing coach and competitor of thirty years, detail, discipline, focus and precision are created while supporting the athlete to drive for more and when needed, accept defeat.


Brian Bacher

Couple this with a balance of hard work, preparation, attention to details wrapped in highly held standards, with Brian, you get an advisor who knows from the bottom up, though personal experience, business as it is today.

1400 Coleman Ave., Suite G11
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 408-436-1900