Client Services

Sunbelt is the largest business broker network in the United States having over 300 offices nationwide, with 29 offices in California. We discretely and effectively match buyers and sellers in retail, food automotive, distribution, manufacturing, sales and service companies, and work with over 65 national franchise companies.

Sellers Services

  • We maintain client’s confidentiality and anonymity so that employees, customers, suppliers and competitors are unaware of the seller’s desire to sell their business until the appropriate time.
  • We place a high priority on ethical and honest dealings to make a win-win situation for seller and buyer.
  • We have an extensive database of local buyers as well as over 300 offices from which to pull prospects.
  • We prepare a strong marketing package customized to position and expedite the sale of your business.
  • We have the strongest Internet presence in the industry and provide blind listings on multiple sites.
  • We have strong negotiating and communication skills to bring your deal to closure.

Buyers Services

  • We help buyers to define short and long term goals, exit strategies, and assess personal needs and financial requirements. After the buyer’s ideal business model is clearly defined, they are able to use it as a benchmark to assess the choices and to select the right company thereby improving the odds of success.
  • We provide a safe, professional environment in which to explore the many options available.
  • We coach the buyer throughout the entire sales process from focusing them on the choices available to close of escrow so there are no surprises.
  • We assist buyers in acquiring funding for their new venture and provide references to other professionals such as attorneys and accountants to insure a smooth transition into business ownership.
  • We offer hundreds of choices due to being the largest business brokerage franchise.

We will not take a listing unless the business has a very strong chance of selling. Our primary goal is to make the sales process as “painless” as possible for buyers and sellers. Our desire is to create lasting relationships through the close of escrow and beyond