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Jordan brings over 25 years of creative business and entrepreneurial success to Sunbelt Business Brokers, Greater Bay Area. Jordan’s diverse experience spans technology sales, business development, and marketing. His technology client engagements are focused on Internet services, SaaS software, mobile apps, ecommerce, and related technology solutions. He also works with a broad range of professional services companies, from marketing and creative design firms, IT consulting, and manufacturing.

At WebEx, Jordan pioneered SaaS channel sales models and strategic marketing partnerships / alliances, extending SaaS-based web conferencing services as built-in features in third party solutions.

At SLI Systems, Jordan created site search technology alliances in the ecommerce space, bringing best-of- breed search capability to e-commerce platform providers. Jordan also led early marketing and business development efforts for a mobile app company,Moxtra, now a leading productivity mobile app.

In 2009, Jordan founded Psycho Donuts, which quickly become a Bay Area destination. Over 5 years, Jordan expanded the company, and vaulted the brand and concept to national visibility. Through grassroots PR and social media strategies, Jordan built Psycho Donuts into a colorful recognized brand, which has been prominently featured on The Food Network, Travel Channel, Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, and more.

Jordan is a Certified Business Broker with CABB (California Association of Business Brokers), and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Jordan is married with two daughters. He enjoys playing piano, and staying fit through running, biking, and hiking.

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[testimonial author=”Kevin Beauchamp, Central Coast Bride”]
Jordan sold my company in record fast time. He identified a qualified buyer who paid cash. The deal closed very smoothly, with Jordan guiding the process from start to finish. I would highly recommend Jordan to anyone looking to sell their business.

[testimonial author=”Martyn Crew, “]
Jordan is a very professional, detail oriented business professional. I engaged him to help me sell my business in late 2015 and he achieved this goal in just over 3 months. He is thoughtful, sees all the angles on a deal and puts his customers first. 100% recommended.

[testimonial author=”Chi-Ping Li, “]
Jordan not only has the skills, but also the tanacity to facilitate difficult business negotiations between the buyer and the seller. He is well-organized and detail-oriented so the complex sales terms and process were presented in an orderly fashion.



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  • BS Organzational Management, Illinois State University
  • Certified Business Broker CBB

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  • Sunbelt Business Brokers, Senior Advisor
  • Industries: Software/SaaS, web services, e-commerce, business services, retail
  • Founder and CEO – Psycho Donuts
  • Director of Business Development: SLI Systems, WebEx Communications, Endpoint! Marketing Information Systems

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999 W Taylor, Suite A
San Jose, CA 95126
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (408) 436-1900 x105

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