Submitting The Proper Documentation

Compelling offering materials are a key component of a successful M&A process

Creating compelling marketing materials is critical to obtaining the highest selling price

  • Buyers review hundreds, if not thousands, of sales memorandum annually and value materials that succinctly and effectively highlight important information about the company, the industry in which it operates and the opportunity the deal presents.
  • A comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of the company, its location, lines of business, number of employees, and growth opportunities within the industry. Information regarding key technologies, company assets and managers that make the business a compelling acquisition target.
  • Marketing materials are an essential and powerful tool in convincing potential buyers to pursue particular acquisition opportunities. Buyers typically have high expectations regarding the content, uniformity and format of the materials and more attention is paid to what is familiar to them.
  • Professional marketing materials show buyers that the seller is serious about pursuing a deal and present the seller in the best possible light in order to elicit maximum value.


Types of marketing materials

  • Teaser: An initial offering document outlining the business constructed to pique interest of potential buyers. The name, price and other confidential information regarding the company are not disclosed until a confidentiality agreement is signed.
  • Offering Memorandum: Typically a 35-40 page document featuring investment highlights, detailed business description, industry and competitive analysis and detailed financial information. Distribution is closely tracked and confidentiality is strongly guarded.
  • Management Presentation: Presented upon buyer’s indication of interest. Detailed business overview is given in conjunction with management discussions.

Offering Memorandum

Sunbelt knows what it takes to create the professional marketing materials that are critical to achieving maximum value for your company

  • We at Sunbelt have decades of collective experience, and we know how to professionally market companies and create materials that speak the language of the buyer and present a compelling opportunity that will generate significant interest in, and achieve the maximum value for your company.

Management Presentation