JC Myer


   Office DRE#02128137

Operations Manager

Phone: 408-436-1900
Fax: 408-608-1881

JC Myer came to Sunbelt in June of 2018. In the relatively short time that he has been with Sunbelt, he has added irreplaceable capabilities to the operations and marketing processes of the office.

JC has worked within several industries and has taken away a number of invaluable skill-sets and talents throughout his experience. Most notably, JC accumulated 5 years of experience as the Operations and Marketing manager to a venture capitalist, where he picked up the ability to build websites, use social media as a productive tool for generating funds, speak to high net-worth executives and investors to find funding, and several other outside-of-the box, ad hoc responsibilities simply because it benefited the organization and service to clients as a whole. Other industries where JC has provided operational support include fitness, education, financial services, entertainment, medical services, staffing, high-tech, retail, janitorial services and banking, bringing first-hand knowledge and experience to understand our client’s concerns and needs.

JC also has significant talents in IT, web-based systems and online collaborative tools, graphics, structural organization, confidential data management, marketing and research capabilities. His no-fear efforts have added greatly to the team’s expanded marketing capabilities which are producing greater results for our listings.

JC is an invaluable resource who continues to implement new and cutting-edge tools and capabilities to keep Sunbelt at the brim of the competitive edge and successful in its ability to source qualified buyers and support clients in the current world of business.