Rick Teh

Rick Teh has over 18 years of entrepreneurial and business experience in the area of food, retail, transportation, and information technology industries.

With the mix of a corporate and entrepreneurial background, Rick posses a strong sense of business strategy, finance, and compliance processes, while being a small business owner himself.

Rick commenced his information technology career in the early 2000s, and for a decade he had helped large corporations improve in operational efficiency. Rick then followed his passion, and started his food business idea, which later turned into a small chain of quick service restaurants, serving food from sustainable sources that were affordable to the local communities; by leading a strong team of 100 employees, Rick learned to structure and managed a lean, profitable, and efficient small business operation.

Rick Teh

Rick holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science, and an executive Master’s degree in Business Administration. Rick is a California State licensed business brokerage agent; a member of the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB); the father of a silly little boy; and the husband of a beautiful wife. Rick enjoys the great outdoors, and is passionate about solving environmental sustainability problems.

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