Paying the IRS exactly what it deserves and no more once you have sold your company.

I have found that all sellers share one thing in common when leaving the closing table.  They want to leave the closing table with as much cash as possible.  Using prudent tax planning can make the difference of millions of dollars in the bigger deals.

I recommend hiring a tax professional not just your CPA to provide answers to the difficult tax issues likely to be encountered in the sale of your business.  Find one that is fully versed in the tax consequences surrounding the sale of your business.

If owners wait to begin tax planning until the sale process commences, they have lost the tax battle.  The IRS will take more or the buyer will pay you less.

If you are an S Corporation, LLC, or Partnership for at least 10 years that is good news when it is time to sell your company.  You have saved yourself a great deal of tax dollars in fact in some cases up to 30%.

I will offer more advice for the C corporations in my next blog


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