Yes, they do. People still need to buy things. The trick is finding the businesses that offer products and services that are always in demand or are necessary. These businesses can be solid investments during tough times. To make the chances of success even better, the business needs to offer a structured marketing and business model to help the new business owner get to a running start more quickly. Franchises offer the edge that other opportunities do not.

All the gloom and doom that we are reading about out there makes the idea of starting or getting into business for yourself sound a bit crazy. Still businesses have thrived during past recessions and many will flourish this year. Both Microsoft and Google either started in, or accelerated through downturns early in their lives.

A few ideas for recession proof franchises offered are:

Education is probably not going to change a lot even during a recession. Tutoring is still going strong because parents want the best for their children no matter what is happening in the economy.

Temporary Staffing Agencies– Historically a recession actually can help in the growth of temporary staffing. While companies are laying off hundreds of workers, they still need the jobs done, so this can be the stop gap measure to save money and still be productive.

Health and Beauty– This is a business that cannot be outsourced or done oversees for you. It is a needed service, and if a family can have it done economically, the business will thrive. Fitness centers are also still doing well. We know that staying healthy and exercise is the key to a long healthy life, so we don’t cut corners when it comes to that.

Home Improvement Companies– Most people are staying put and not moving to larger homes, so they fix up their existing homes. Home improvement companies continue to thrive no matter what the economy is doing.

Health Care Businesses– Health care companies generally do well because in a recession, people get sick just as much and sometimes more than boom times. Since there are more and more baby boomers having the responsibility of taking care of their parents, home health care and health care products have a very good chance of doing quite well.