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Disaster Preparedness Plan


SBA & PPP Guideline Updates for 2021
Reopening America’s Businesses After COVID

Buying a Business

Buying an Existing Business vs. a New Franchise

Who will acquire YOUR business?

  1. Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – Insights from Business Sellers
  2. Funding Strategies to Purchase a New Business
  3. Part 2 of Sellability of YOUR Business
  4. Part 1 of Sellability of YOUR Business
  5. What do the NEW tax laws mean for MY Business?
  6. Planning To Sell Your Company In the Foreseeable Future?
  7. Succession Planning & Maximizing the Value of Your Business?
  8. A Way Out Of Paying High Capital Gains Tax

Business To Market

  1. Six Steps to Building a Successful Business – Guest Speaker Joe Siecinski from Action Coach
  2. What Is My Business Worth?
  3. A Controlled Auction vs. A Negotiated Sale
  4. Demystifying the Sales Process – What Business Owners Need to Know Before Selling Their Company
  5. The Ins and Outs of Escrow
  6. The Effects Of Economic Crisis On Businesses
  7. How Sellers Will Be Impacted by Current Tax Trends
  8. Structuring The Deal To Your Advantage
  9. The Ins and Outs of An Earn-Out
  10. Asset Vs Stock Sale: Structuring the Sale of Your Business, Part 1
  11. Asset Vs Stock Sale: Structuring the Sale of Your Business, Part 2
  12. How Do I Pay As Little As Possible To The IRS When Selling
  13. Exit Planning For Your Business
  14. Secrets To Getting The Most For Your Business
  15. Secrets to Know Before Taking Your Business To Market
  16. Staging Your Company For Sale

About SBA Lending

  1. SBA Lending 101 – With Guest Speaker Mark Raffield of Wells Fargo SBA Lending