Indoor & Outdoor Sustainable Landscaping Services

Strong Commercial Accounts Mixed w/Residential. Record Revenue in 2022

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$334,836 (3-Year Avg)
Cash Flow:
$154,030 (3-Year Avg)
San Francisco
Service Area:
San Francisco Bay Area
Profit Margin:
46% (3-Year Avg)
Reason for Sale:
Seller pursuing
other interests
Goodwill: 10 years of successful operations. 5-Star reviews on Google/Yelp
Year Established:  2013
& Services: 
Design, installation, & maintenance of environmentally responsible landscapes in urban environments & indoor green spaces.
Specialties:  Drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, eco-friendly indoor & outdoor gardens
Clientele:  44 residential accounts and 13 commercial accounts with commercial accounts providing 55% of the revenue
Facility & Lease:  Home Based. New owner may need to add small storage for equipment
FF&E:  $4,243 tools and equipment included in the sale
Operating Hours:  9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday – Friday
Personnel:  6 PT garden specialists/administrative assistants and 1 FT Owner
Software Used:  QuickBooks, Evernote, Cozi, Google Sheets, Google Drive

Value Proposition

  • 10 years of established reputation
  • 5-Star reviews on Google and Yelp
  • Growing revenue with a record high in 2022
  • Strong growth opportunity as no marketing program currently
  • The existing employees intend to stay with the buisness for continuity assuming no change in their employment.
  • Low-maintenance and drought-tolerant landscaping sees increased demand in California due to climate change
  • Well established commercial accounts with several large high-tech companies in the Bay Area.
SB817 Profit Margin Chart 2023_05_17

Revenue Breakdown

Revenue by Customer Chart
Revenue by Customer Chart

Financial Highlights

  • Listing Price: $295,000
  • 2021 Cashflow (SDE): $120,058
  • 2022 Cashflow (SDE): $196,678
  • 2022 Cashflow grew by 64% YoY.
  • 13 Commercial Accounts provide 55% of the revenue
  • No impact from COVID
  • No inventory
  • Seller runs the business as a sole proprietor from home with some necessary adjustments in expenses
SB817 Sales & Cashflow Chart 2023_05_17

Cashflow Analysis

SB817 Financial Table 2023_05_17

Asking Price

The asking price is determined using a cash flow methodology. Cash flow is the sum of net income from the business plus any non-cash expenses, non-recurring items and any seller’s personal expenses. A multi-factor multiplier is applied to the cash flow based on the condition of the business.

For this business, a three-year average cash flow is applied making the business price more favorable to the buyer. The multiplier applied in this case is 2.09x, below the market in favor of the buyer.

SB817 Multiple Box 2023_05_17

Funding Example

Purchase Price: $295,000

20% Buyer Down Payment


Buyer’s Equity

80% Bank Loan


10-Yearterm at a rate of 8.5% = Monthly loan payment of $2,926

  • Cash Flow (SDE in 2020): $154,030
  • Annual Payment to Bank: $35,112
  • Net Profit (After Expenses and loan payment): $118,917
Return On Investment
SB817 Coverage Ratio 2023_05_17

* Please note that the decision of whether to extend a loan on any sale belongs to the bank, and this document does not guarantee specific terms or verify that financing is available.