Commercial Bakery With 3-Unit Retail Chain

Keep Solid Original Concept Or Convert, Currently Run Absentee And At Distance

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$2,399,436 (4-year)
Cash Flow:
$237,737 (4-Year)
North Bay Area
Service Area:
North Bay Area/SF
 Adjusted Profit Margin:
9.91% 4-year average
4 managers 22 staff
Reason for Sale:
Goodwill: 15 Yr. Reputation, 4.8 Star Award Winner
Year Established: 2008
Services: Fresh baked cupcakes, macarons, cookies, and cakes
Equipment: Asset list for each location provided in business memorandum following NDA
Clientele: 100% Retail
Lease: Commissary: 2884 sf. $3095/mo, NNN, security $2275, 4 years remaining with 5-year op
Store #1: 675 sf. $4880/mo. Security $5600, 44 months remain, last 24 months rate to be negotiated
Store #2: S614 sf, $2357.33/minimum (locked in) mo. Percentage rent 6% (see lease for detail) CAM $258, security $2500, assignment fee TBD, 2.5 years remain
Store #3: 2259 sf, $4421/mo, Security $2500, month to month
Personnel: Commissary: 2 drivers pay $25-$30/hour, 6 bakers 1 pot washer pay between $19 and $25/hr.
Store #1: 1 Manager, 2 PT sales, $18 to $20 per hour
Store #2: 1 Manager, 3 PT pay $18 per hour
Store #3: 1 Ft Manager, 8PT sales, pay between $17 to $21 per hour
Software Used: Accounting and POS, internal ordering system

Value Proposition

  • Brand has multiple articles, press and tv appearances
  • Bakery chain with 3 outlets in place
  • Concept can be kept or changed with existing infrastructure
  • Priced to sell based on assets
  • Goodwill has been building since 2008
  • Commissary fully equipped, includes delivery truck
  • Experienced team of bakers and sales staff
  • Buyer with turn around experience is recommended
  • Profitability affected by COGS and loans used during pandemic
  • The menu is ripe for updating
  • The foundation is built and ready for growth

Revenue Breakdown

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Financial Highlights

  • Listing Price: $575,000 + Inventory
  • 2023 YTD sales $1,507,513
  • YTD COGS and bakery labor is $620,480
  • Remaining for overhead YTD, $872,031
  • YTD Rent is 9% of gross sales
  • There are staff bonuses and incentives in place
  • There are other non-essential expenses the business realized and not reflected in the add-backs. 2022 totaling $59,900 that include meetings and seminars, consulting, R&D, and recruiting, similar expense in past years as well, buyer to verify.
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Cashflow Analysis

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